The current state of our lifeline ferry service shows it is not fit for purpose in terms of reliability, resilience and infrastructure. The Arran Ferry Action Group is a new and fully representative lobbying group, set up to represent Arran interests in demanding service improvements and accountability in future investment decisions.


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Robert Cumming

Proposed by Alan Mitchell
Seconded by Richard Wright

"I stood for election to the Arran Ferry Action Group Committee because I have had a documented interest in this issue for several years and wish to ensure change.

As a committee member, the particular skills I can bring include enthusiasm and a determination to succeed and bring about change for the better."

Gavin Fulton (Chairman)

Proposed by Lesley Lockhart
Seconded by Alasdair Lockhart

"The lives of the residents of Arran are being seriously inconvenienced by the inadequacy of the ferry service.

As a committee member I can bring a lifetime's experience of living on Arran and travelling by ferry."

Sally Campbell

Proposed by Ian Ferguson
Seconded by Sandra Brown

Sally trained as a scientist and worked as a marine ecologist at the edge of the sea with complex systems in the UK and on San Francisco Bay. Later, she developed an enquiring interest and professional involvement in the dynamics of family, community and organisations, which are another set of complex systems. This led to her interest in Jung, leadership, organisational and community development. In 2001 she completed a Masters in Responsibility and Business Practice, exploring interaction of social, environmental and economic systems. John and Sally came to live on Arran in 2004 and Sally has been involved with the Arran Civic Trust and the marine environment ever since! Planning democracy is in short supply in Scotland at the present time and Arran Civic Trust was in the forefront of attempting to change the design of the new Brodick terminal to a more suitable construction for foot passengers, without success.

"I have worked on community issues, and been involved in local and business communities and leading training with senior business management. A scientist with understanding of broader technical issues.

As a committee member, the particular skills I can bring include listening, understanding process in groups, analysing data, creating focus in discussion, and writing letters!"

Sam Bourne

Proposed by Rachel Nicholls
Seconded by Mairi Thomson

Sam is a resident of Lamlash, having settled on the island about three years ago with his wife and young daughter. Sam studied Naval Architecture and Small Craft Engineering at Strathclyde University, graduating in 1999. Twenty years of experience in the performance leisure marine industry working as a technician and project manager within prestigious events such as the Volvo Ocean Race and America's Cup have given him a wide depth of knowledge and practical solution-based experience. He is currently training to become a specialist non-destructive testing surveyor within marine and industrial sectors.

He brings this vital knowledge and experience to the Arran Ferry Action Group as we attempt to gain answers and work to find solutions to the numerous complex technical issues on the Arran ferry routes.

"I believe we are facing a serious crisis of reliability and capacity with the Arran ferry service, and we must find practical solutions to ensure the economic survival of the islands. I have practical experience and I am of a demographic that will be significantly affected by a further downgrade in the ferry service. It is time to demand answers and work constructively for solutions and I believe this Action Group is the best vehicle for this."

John Ford (Treasurer)

Proposed by Paul Padfield
Seconded by David Maguire FCA

John has been an Arran resident since 2008. He is a retired Chartered Engineer and Physicist, keen to promote an efficient lifeline ferry service to the mainland for all living on Arran, especially those of advanced years.

"I have found the Arran Community Council ineffective as regards ferries and have zero confidence in the Arran Ferry Committee which is self-perpetuating and is primarily concerned with commercial interests. It is time for the voice of the Arran residents to be heard and I wish to assist in achieving safe harbours and reliable and diverse ferry routes to the mainland.

My skills are: Retired chartered engineer and nuclear physicist. Accountancy and managing an island committee bank account for 3 years. Coastal skipper and yacht master. Naval background."

Chris Attkins (Secretary)

Proposed by Geoffrey Botterill
Seconded by Heather Gough

"I am determined to help bring about improvements to our lifeline ferry service and reduce the future waste of public money on inappropriate investments.

As a committee member, I bring commitment and enthusiasm for effective communication."

Sharon Shenhav

Proposed by Sally Campbell
Seconded by Jan Attkins

"I wish to represent the concerns of foot passengers, who, like me, experience difficulties in negotiating the new terminal building and connecting with buses.

As a committee member, the particular skills I can bring include my 50 years' experience as a lawyer in the US and Israel. During my career I have served on government commissions in my home country and lobbied for legislation, as well as participated in negotiations and drafting of contracts. Last summer I participated in the Scottish Government cabinet meeting held in Lamlash by asking the cabinet minister for transport to respond to concerns about the new terminal. At the coffee afterwards, I spoke with him personally and he requested that I monitor the situation for him."

Bob Haddow

Proposed by Barbara I'Anson
Seconded by Ian Cook

"As the instigator of this group, I wish to hold to account those responsible for deterioration in our lifeline ferry service and to bring about improvements.

As a committee member I bring a wealth of knowledge and useful contacts in the world of transport."

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