The current state of our lifeline ferry service shows it is not fit for purpose in terms of reliability, resilience and infrastructure. The Arran Ferry Action Group is a new and fully representative lobbying group, set up to represent Arran interests in demanding service improvements and accountability in future investment decisions.
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Our supporters' top three priorities:

Reliability & Resilience — 97%

Ships & Harbours fit for purpose — 92%

Reliable Port of Refuge — 83%


As of its second public meeting and inaugural AGM on Wednesday 15th May 2019, the Arran Ferry Action Group comprises a committee of nine local residents, supported by over 1,000 other Arran residents and frequent visitors who share many concerns about our ferry service.

Gavin Fulton (Chairman), John Ford (Treasurer), Chris Attkins (Secretary), Bob Haddow, Sally Campbell, Robert Cumming, Sam Bourne and Sharon Shenhav. CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT COMMITTEE MEMBERS

Our CONSTITUTION can be examined here.

The more public support we can demonstrate, the more likely we are to persuade those responsible for our ferry service to make essential improvements. Please continue to submit your ferry experiences by clicking "Have Your Say" - and encourage others to do the same. If you have photographic or video evidence, please e-mail this to
We are collating all your feedback for future evidence-based submissions to those in charge.

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